4 years gone by….a little El Segundo Brewing special

OK, so ironically it’s been almost 4 years to the day since I posted a blog. Well, I’m switching jobs and committing to getting Suds Of Liberty back to where it belongs. I’m thinking swag……anyway, here is my review of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA from El Segundo Brewing. Style: IPA (specifically West Coast IPA) Brewery: El Segundo Brewing Company ABV: 6.7% – WHEELHOUSE!!!!!! Giddy … Continue reading 4 years gone by….a little El Segundo Brewing special

Urban Farmhouse!

Well….I suck.  I haven’t blogged in ages, now, I’ve drank…oh yes I’ve drank.  But I haven’t written a blog in ages.  Thankfully, I do a really good job taking pictures (usually) and sending myself a few notes so I don’t “lose” everything. Pretty special beer here as it’s the first beer of my new “Beer Club” that I’ve joined.  The local Whole Foods has a … Continue reading Urban Farmhouse!


Ok, recurring theme lately….more barrel aged beer for me.  It’s kind of that time of the year really, a little chilly (well, CA chilly…) but this is the kind of beer I enjoy when the weather is a little cold.  High ABV and a nice hearty taste…..perfect. Eclipse Brewing Company – BART Presentation: Just look at that picture….I mean, beautiful.  The oak barrel really pops … Continue reading Barrel.Aged.Really.Tasty

Must Kuld…..Estonian Beer!! YES!

Extra special review this time around….from Estonia!  This beer was a gift from my friend Tyler, given to him from some friends at the Pohjala Brewery.   Really excited to have this, especially the Must Kuld as I’m a big fan of Porters and it seemed like a perfect pre-Christmas dinner beer. Really cool bottle, simple yet elegant….I loved the simplicity of the bottle and … Continue reading Must Kuld…..Estonian Beer!! YES!

A little sip of sunshine

Quick update on this beer before the review.  This was part of an AMAZING run of gift beers I’ve been on….this, Heady, and 4 Bourbon Country in the last few weeks.  The only thing better than beer?  Friends.  With that….another special treat from Vermont. Lawson’s Finest Liquids – Sip of Sunshine Presentation: Wow!  Just wow!  This beer looks like an amazing IPA right out of … Continue reading A little sip of sunshine

Sorry, not Sorry

Another day, another beer I say…I’ve got a bunch of amazing beers in the fridge, seriously….world class suds coming soon.  In the meantime, I had a chance to sample from on of my favorite breweries…Stone.  Stone does a lot of collaboration beers which I really enjoy.  Mix up a few different beer styles and approaches to brewing…and, boom.  Hoppy, suddy happiness. Sorry Not Sorry IPA … Continue reading Sorry, not Sorry