Miller Lite – The perfect parking lot beer

Before I dig into the review.  A few ground rules.  This is NOT your traditional beer blog, sure I might talk about the hoppy flavor of an IPA or the subtle coffee notes in a porter….but we’ll go deeper.  Much deeper.  As such here are the topics I’ll cover in each review:

Presentation: Under what circumstances did I drink this beer.

Style – What kind of beer was it, for those of you not up to speed on beer lingo (porter, stout, lager, etc) I’ll do my best to drop a little knowledge

Brewery – Who made it, earth shattering stuff over here I know but it’s kind of important

ABV – Alcohol by Volume or how many of these before I get a buzz

Method – Can, bottle, draft, funnel etc etc etc

Overall taste – duh

Recommended drinking location – Where will this beer best be enjoyed.  This is really important, some beers you want to enjoy like a fine wine.  Some beers, you want to chug with friends.  We’ll discuss.

Ideal consumption amount – Now, this one is tricky as we all have different tolerances to alcohol but it’s my recommendation on how many of these you can enjoy before things start getting a little foggy.

Similar Beers – One thing about beers (seriously) is that once you find a style you like it’s kind of fun to go deep and see different takes on the style…it wouldn’t be a beer blog if I didn’t recommend other beers for you to drink

With that…’s my take on Miller Lite:


Presentation: I drank this Miller Lite tonight at the golf course, where it was about 95 degrees when we hit the first tee.  There were several options in the pro shop fridge but this one seemed like a good bet.

Style: Pale Lager which honestly is one step above water in my opinion.  When you see signs that say “Cold Beer” it’s likely they have stocked up on pale ales, pale lagers and pilsners.  Generally, beers like this are best really cold.  These beers should also be known as volume beers because you can drink them forever…..sorry, it’s true.

Brewery – Miller Brewing Company, this is definitely a “Macro” brew….not a “Micro” or “Craft” brew

ABV: 4.3%, again, one step above water.  Personally, I like my beers in the 7.5% to 11% ABV….and depending on the style can get to 14% without feeling like a punishment.

Method: Aluminum bottle shaped can……whiskey tango foxtrot

Overall taste:   Not much with regard to taste here, it’s light and refreshing especially when it’s really cold.  It kind of goes flat/gross when it gets to warm….hence the “cold beer” and volume drinking that usually goes hand in hand with Miller Lite (imho)

Recommended drinking location: Dive bars, golf courses but really this beer is perfect for a tailgate.  Cooler full of Miller Lite, hot sun and getting a good buzz before going to see your favorite team.

Ideal consumption amount: Personally, Miller Lite falls into the 5-10 range.  If you don’t mix in shots or other bad ideas you can basically drink these beers all night, at a reasonable pace without getting too messy.  I had one on the course tonight and it was fine but left me feeling a little unsatisfied.

Similar beers: Coors Lite, Bud Lite, Michelob Lite…..most lite beers will be similar to Miller Lite

Final Conclusion – Miller Lite is a hot day, volume beer.  Get them ice cold, put them in a cooler and enjoy.  Don’t poor them into a glass or pretend to be fancy, no one will believe you.

One last thing, this meme pretty much sums it up eh?

Until next time, keep drinking and keep free


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