Putting a storm in my sails….


First vacation beer post.  Honestly, it’s been a pretty crappy start to vacation but still it’s vacation so it’s automatically better than work.  After pulling off almost a 40 hour day yesterday, I had a real meal tonight and got to enjoy a great beer.  I found (and immediately bought) the limited release “Newport Storm 14” annual release.  A few things about this beer before the “formal” review.

1) It’s made out of melted snow….um hell yeah, that’s fing awesome!

2) Really amazing blue glass bottle and dark amber brew makes it just a beautiful beer.  Very well done

3) Wax Sucks.  It was was on the top of the cork which again looks great but is a pain in the ass when you just want to drink it

4) It’s made out of fing snow!!  I live in a drought ridden area and get to drink beer made out of snow.  Good Bless America!

With that….my review

Presentation: Fantastic presentation all around.  It’s a cold rainy night in Rhode Island and this beer screams drink me by a fire….so I did.  This is not a beer for macro beer wimps, this beer has personality.  I don’t know if the dudes who brew it are old school sailors or not but I could picture this beer fitting in nicely on an old Nantucket whaling ship, being chased down by grog.  I drank this beer during “cocktails” and then swordfish dinner.  A+

Style: American Ale (translation, kind of a mutt between wheat, lager, pale ale and amber

Brewery: Newport Storm Brewery

ABV: 11.4% (I thought it was 10% but the 11% makes my mild buzz explains my mistake)

Method: 22oz bottle poured into a mug

Overall taste: Really great taste.  Lots of fruity undertones and high enough ABV to make you realize this is a BEER.  It’s very light and easy to drink.  I drank it chilled, not “ice cold” which was almost perfect.  This beer really needed to breath before drinking and then it just explodes with flavor.

Recommended drinking location:  Cold, rainy nights inside.  This beer would be stupid on the beach.  Buy it, age it and then drink it on the couch between November and March.

Ideal consumption amount:  Definitely 1, I had a second beer after this and um…yeah, well let’s just say excuse the type-o’s…. More than one of these and you wake up wondering what happened the night before.

Similar Beers:  This beer kind of reminds me of the Stone Vertical Epic series (a personal favorite) and Troegs Flying Mouflan.  Really great beers, hard to find good one’s but when you do….over indulge.

That’s it, if you are in Rhode Island….find these guys there beer is awesome.  More blogs soon…the only question during vacation is can I write faster than I can drink?  Seems unlikely….


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