Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and Maine Beer Company “Weez”

wpid-20150628_201013.jpg 20150629_183857

Presentation:  I really like the look of this beer.  Nice deep amber and a great logo.  Frankly, this is kind of an “anytime” beer for me.  It’s easy to drink and has a nice bourbon flavor to it.  Five years ago I would have been freaking out about how good this beer is (I did) but now it’s just sort of a a rock solid version of the standard bourbon barrel ale.  I see it, I buy it, I drink it….

Style: Officially it’s an English Strong Ale but they advertise it as a “sipping beer”.  I don’t know what that is…..

Brewery: Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company

ABV: 8.19% (just about right)

Method: First one from a bottle….second one from a glass.

Overall taste: Really rock solid overall taste.  It’s almost like taking a Bass Ale and putting in a 1/4 shot of bourbon.  Easy to drink, but you can tell it’s got a pop.

Recommended drinking location:  Outdoors, this beer demands to be drunk outside….maybe at a horserace?

Ideal consumption amount:  3-5, I don’t think you want to go crazy here but you can have a few of these and catch a good buzz without really hurting yourself.

Similar Beers:  Honestly, I haven’t had a lot like this which is probably why I like it so much.  In this age of bourbon barrel aging the KBB still stands out as a great beer.


Presentation:  REALLY dark IPA here, very rich and lots of espresso flavors running through this.  Whe you pour it, you get a really nice tan head and the smell is fantastic.  I drank mine with a burger so um….. #winning! in the words of Charlie Sheen.  It also comes in this boring bottle with a white label…+1 to simplicity.

Style: Dark IPA

Brewery: The Maine Beer Company

ABV: 7.2% usually I like my beers a little bit stronger, but this felt pretty good.

Method: 16oz bottle, poured into a glass

Overall taste:  Excellent.  If you like dark IPA, this is a good one.  The espresso flavor really pops.  It was pretty cold when I started it but as it warmed up it got really good.

Recommended drinking location:  I’m finishing this while watching the Red Sox game and it’s just about perfect (other than the Sox sucking).  I’ll recommend this beer for at home, watching sports and ideally shared with friends (I’m solo but it’s all good I like beer)

Ideal consumption amount:  1-2.  Don’t overdo this one, you’ll forget the good taste and get pretty wasted

Similar Beers:  So, this is like most of the Black/Dark IPAs out there.  It’s better than 21st Amendment “Back in Black” but not quite up to the bar set by beers like Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale or Wooky Jack but I’d drink this again (yes, yes I will) and would recommend it if you are on the East Coast and looking for a Black IPA

That’s it for tonight…at some point, my vacation drinking will outpace my vacation blogging…….but not yet…..

Until then…keep drinking…


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