Awesome Summer Beer – White Birch Blueberry Berliner Weisse

Summer vacation continues….it’s been an adventure but I’ve had a bunch of beers.  Most of them local beers from New England so that’s always fun.  I hit my favorite liquor store and loaded up on beers…huge variety and lots of unique stuff.    First up, from White Birch Brewing in New Hampshire….their Blueberry Berliner Weisse.


Presentation: So, wheat beers like this can be pretty foofy (beware upcoming post) but they are pretty good in the right situation.  Typically, outside in the summer or doing something summery.  I feel like wheat’s go pretty well with bar food too when you are looking for something to drink but don’t want as much oomph as an IPA or Porter.  Wheats can also have fruit flavor, definitely adding to the “foof factor” and making them one of those guilty pleasures.  This one was cool in that it’s brewed with a blueberry puree so the smell just flies out of the bottle and the blueberry taste is really strong…..good, but strong.

Style:  It’s officially a “weisse” otherwise known as a “wheat” or beer you can pretty much rip through on a nice warm day (not that I’d know)

Brewery:  White Birch Brewing – in the 603, LFOD…

ABV: 5.5%

Method: 22oz bottle, REALLY cold and poured into a tall glass

Overall taste:  Great taste if you like this kind of beer (I do).  The flavor is crazy strong but not overwhelming.  It’s also very “New England” and doesn’t taste fake (some of the bigger breweries make these beers and it tastes like a fing PopTart).  A+ for flavor on this beer, done very well.

Recommended drinking location:  Outside by water.  I drank this one in Rhode Island within sight of the ocean.  If I was actually on the ocean…even better.

Ideal consumption amount:  These suckers can go all day long so I’ll give this one a no limit as for the ideal consumption as you could have one and be happy (I did) or have about 6 and get wasted….you’re call dear reader.

Similar Beers:  Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat, Wachusett Blueberry Ale, Wild Blue (gross)

Recommended drinking location:

Ideal consumption amount:

Similar Beers:


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