mmmmm Honey….Atlantic Brewing Company “Bragget Honey Ale”


I’ve never had a honey beer before…..until this one and hot damn was it good.  Generally, I’m not a HUGE fan of Atlantic Brewing but the Bragget Honey Ale was awesome.  Review below but this beer is worth grabbing if you see it….chilling and drinking.

Presentation:  Beautiful golden brown color, I’m not sure the picture does it justice but it just looks like a beer.  I’m not sure it’s even relevant but it’s kind of like what I imagine mead to look like in the Middle Ages.  Seriously, if Sherman Williams made a “Honey Ale” paint color, I’d use it in my house.

Style: Bragget Ale (apparently from Wales)

Brewery: Atlantic Brewing

ABV: 11.8% (bring out the nukes!!)

Method: Poured into a tale glass (recurring vacation theme until I get to Maine when the method will be “Red Solo Cup”

Overall taste:  Rich, rich rich….very full bodied and original.  The honey flavor is subtle but there.  In a lot of ways, this beer is what you wish a Bass Ale would have been….but isn’t.  Honestly, this beer looked great and tasted great.

Recommended drinking location:  Pub beer, I drank it outside which was fine but this is bar beer.  Get this, with a plate of Shepard’s Pie or Fish-n-Chips and you’re in heaven….drunk, fat heaven.

Ideal consumption amount:  One, maybe 2 if you are in the mood.  At 11.8% this definitely can give you this feeling

Similar Beers:  Haven’t had one, very unique….very good.  Damn it, now I have to find more beers like this one.  Pity me….


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