Suds of Liberty Lightning Round! Version 1.0!

Ok, so this post is what we like to call a lightning round….I’m back from vacation and for the most part spent my time by the lake drinking all day….with no wifi.  Needless to say, the beers kind of piled up on me 🙂

So rather than just spam my 20 readers with post after post of beer after beer…..I’m consolidating this into one post.  As someone who’s been known to drink more than one beer, this will be an occasional theme here at Suds of Liberty.  The number of beers and numbers of days needed to consume them will be hidden to protect the innocent…..with that, welcome to the Suds of Liberty Lightning Round Version 1.0!!

Harpoon Raz


Presentation: Classic large (for me) production fruity wheat beer.  Generally, I prefer blueberry beers but I can do other berries too…melon, not so much.

Style: Fruit Wheat

Brewery: Harpoon Brewwery

ABV: 4.8% (pretty weak, good for day drinking)

Method: Right out of the bottle….whiskey tango

Overall taste: Not bad, nothing to drive out to the liquor store to buy but very drinkable.  The berry doesn’t overwhelm but it’s a wheat beer so it’s not like it’s got that hoppy pop of an IPA or coffee infusion of a porter.

Recommended drinking location:  Definitely a summer beer, ideally outside…maybe before a Dave Matthews concert?

Ideal consumption amount: These babies can go all day, no recommendation…’re likely to get full or sick of the berry before you get wasted here.

Similar Beers: Longtrail Blackberry Wheat, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Brewmaster Jack Good Sense


Presentation: Very nice looking IPA color, not that yellowish IPA but the rich golden color that you know will taste great.  The smell is amazing too, flowery but not overpowering.  Good stuff

Style: Double IPA (huzzah!)

Brewery: Brewmaster Jack

ABV: 8% (wheelhouse)


Overall taste: Rock solid, very good hoppy IPA.  If you like IPA’s, you’ll like this one.  Didn’t blast my palate which is always a plus.  Damn good

Recommended drinking location:  Anywhere really but I like this beer by the grill cooking burgers.  This is also a beer best enjoyed with friends. Knock a few back, catch a buzz and have a good time!

Ideal consumption amount:  Probably 2, I think beyond that and you are asking for shenanigans

Similar Beers: Most any small batch Double IPAs will be similar, very hoppy and very good

Jack’s Abby Mass Rising


Presentation:  Full discovery, I love Jacks Abby.  They could bottle up Bud Light, label it as an Imperial Stout and I’d love it… I may be a bit bias on this one.  Anyway, this beer has that classic IPL color to which is like 50% pilsner and 50% IPA…..make sense?  If not, sorry, I’m not a Cicerone.

Style: Double Imperial Lager

Brewery: Jack’s Abby

ABV: 8% (again…wheelhouse!)

Method: Whiskey Tango

Overall taste: Extra extra hoppy!!  If you read the link above, this beer is a revolt against the status quo which means it’s the perfect beer for Suds of Liberty.  It’s bold, it’s hoppy and damn it’s good….if you haven’t done many Lagers or IPLs….this one will kick you in the teeth and open up a whole new world for you.

Recommended drinking location: In the words of The Who….Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere….

Ideal consumption amount: Because these come in 12oz as opposed to 22oz you can drive a few more of them.  Let’s call it 4-6….but seeing as they come in 4 packs, call it 8.

Similar Beers:  I’ve never had one to be honest, but this list might help

Troeg’s Sunshine Pilsner


Presentation:  Nice, clean and clear pils color.  Very light gold when you give it a good look.  They call it “straw” on the Troegs site…which pretty much nails it.

Style: Pilsner

Brewery: Troegs (another SOL favorite)

ABV: 4.5%….day drinking!

Method: Whiskey Tango

Overall taste: Summer beer, light on the tongue and easy to drink….the definition of a pilsner if you ask me.  Not too hoppy and went down smooth.  I’ve been getting into Pils quite a bit lately, and think they are an unappreciated gem.  I’m a dork, yes but I don’t care.

Recommended drinking location:  Summer beer so anywhere you’d like to drink beer in the summer.  Clam bake maybe?

Ideal consumption amount:  Again, low ABV plus smooth taste…….go forth and conquer without fear of being over served.

Similar Beers: For me, the pace car for me is North Coast Scrimshaw

Southern Tier Un*Earthly


Presentation: Pretty good color (sorry, I wasn’t documenting w/ good photos…..too many beers and the “method” was off. Anyway, generally I love Southern Tier so this was a big deal for me.  Poured it, looked great.  Smelled even better. Smelled like a big IPA with nice orange undertones and the potential for big hops.

Style: Imperial IPA

Brewery: Southern Tier

ABV: 9.5%

Method: Tony Keith

Overall taste:  This was a weird one for me.  Overall, my first sip I was like “meh” and wasn’t sure I’d like it.  Second sip was a little better……and then it was gone.  Whoops.  I found this beer to have a pretty earthy taste, I was going to say “dirt” but that would be way too harsh and considering I pretty much pounded this beer it clearly wasn’t a bad thing.  If I had to sum it up, I’d say it’s a unique IPA….definitely worth trying.

Recommended drinking location: This is the kind of beer you drink if you are tailgating for a Phish show or at some kind of an outdoor festival.

Ideal consumption amount: One, for sure one. It’s 9.5% so it will kick you in the face a bit….

Similar Beers:  I’m at a loss…I haven’t had too many IPA’s like this one.  It’s unique, it’s good but unlike anything else I’ve had…


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