Killer B…..a new favorite!!


So, earlier I reviewed a “Honey Ale” from Atlantic Brewing Company and pretty much fell in love with the “Braggot” style beer which I’d never had before.  Fing good stuff.  Anyway…I was out for lunch with the family in Portsmouth NH and decided to stumble into the Portsmouth Brewery and “see if they had anything interesting”.  Well, of course they did.  Growlers, bombers and tshirts oh my!

The woman in the store couldn’t stop telling about how I had to try Killer B….so, like your typical yuppie beer dork, I checked out Beer Advocate and realized I’d stumbled into a dream.  I had JUST found a new kind of beer I loved AND the brewery in front of me was selling me hard on their honey braggot.  SOLD!

Presentation:  This is just a beautiful beer from the bottle to the pour, I mean, look at that image above!!!  The Portsmouth Brewery if you are ever in the 603 is really cool. (LFOD baby!!!)  It’s right downtown, has been around for a while and has really fun stuff for sale in addition to cool beer names.  I got a shirt that say “We serve all types” on the back, listing all their beers.  Anyway…go there, trust me and find this beer.

Style: Honey Braggot (where have you been all my life)

Brewery: The Portsmouth Brewery

ABV: 9.5%…..wheelhouse!!

Method: An old glass at the camp in NH, not a fancy beer glass but better than the red solo cup

Overall taste:  Amazing.  Very rich and smooth with a subtle honey aftertaste.  Seriously, it’s a “medieval” style brew so it’s like being a Viking or a Knight or something……hell yeah!

Recommended drinking location:  Anywhere really?  King Arthur’s Faire?  I don’t know….I could drink this beer pretty much anywhere and anytime.  I think it could even go w/ an omlet so brunch isn’t a bad idea for this beer.

Ideal consumption amount:  Definitely 1.  I REALLY wished I had two but realized after I pounded the 22oz that if I had another I’d have um well yeah…you know

Similar Beers:  Rather than make up a list, here is the Beer Advocate list of Braggots sorted by average rating.  I’m going to be like Indiana Jones trying to find all of these and work my way through….so good.

More soon, tomorrow is Friday so more beers to review will be consumed soon!  Until then, #drinkmore



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