Tale of Two IPA’s

Trying to finish off my vacation beers so I can catch up on my back in San Jose beers…..man, I tell you it’s tough writing about every beer you drink.  Anyway, short/sweet post this time summarizing two IPAs I had while back East.  VERY different, very good…..if you’re not an IPA person, sorry…..

Brewmaster Jack – Hoppiness is a warm pun


Presentation:  Really nice auburn/orange kind of color, you can just smell the fruits come out of this one…it’s wonderful.  Tons of citrus in the initial pop and the cloudy color makes you realize you’ve got a good one on your hands

Style: Double IPA

Brewery: Brewmaster Jack

ABV: 8.2% (just above wheelhouse but perfect for this style as much stronger and the alcohol messes w/ the taste)

Method: Toby Keith

Overall taste: Great taste (not less filling).  HUGE citrus on this one and honestly it’s a little surprising.  I took a sip and was shocked at the flavor.  If you like Citrus IPAs you’ll absolutely love this one

Recommended drinking location:  Outside, I drank it grilling…it was gone in about 10 minutes.  Woops…..

Ideal consumption amount:  Probably 2, I think that would work…

Similar Beers:  hard to pinpoint an exact match.  Similar to some of the Dogfish Head stuff and Stone Ruination.

Foley Brothers Brewing – Fair Maiden Imperial IPA


Presentation: This beer kicked ass….really nice out of the bottle (sorry, Red Solo Cup) but a nice smell of hops and some citrus but damn….good stuff.  Not a massive frothy head on it but enough to give you a little bubble on the top.  Excellent!

Style: Imperial IPA

Brewery: Foley Brothers Brewing

ABV: 8.2%….nice!

Method: Toby Keith

Overall taste: Fanfreakingtastic!  Really nice, hoppy but not punch you in the face hoppy while balancing the citrus without tasting like a Grapefruit Ale.  Excellent stuff.  Spited this is a Vermont beer or I’d be stocking up..

Recommended drinking location:  Anywhere…..no really anywhere

Ideal consumption amount:  Probably 2…

Similar Beers:  Lagunitas Hop Stoopid is a good comparison, lots of IPAs have a similar taste but this one just has that feel of a beer that took some real skills to brew.


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