All Hail King Titus!!

Full disclosure, I LOVE a good Porter.  Probably pound for pound my favorite style of beer with really only Black/Dark IPAs getting close.  If you’re not a big porter drinker, give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.  The best one’s have a very complex flavor with good coffee/chocolate or other tasty nuggets in there as well….maybe some vanilla beans.  Anyway, I freaking love porters and this was a good one.

Also, in order to make this blog more fun and interactive…..I’m going to start adding more meme’s and gifs….so you’ve got that going for you loyal reader….

Maine Beer Company – King Titus


Presentation: JUST LOOK AT THAT PICTURE!  Damn!  Wonderful dark flavor with a deep tan head on the top.  Amazing smell, the coffee just kind of oozed out of this one.  Honestly, it’s the kind of beer you just want to look at for a while which is good because if it’s too cold it’s kind of meh (in my opinion) so having it warm up a little only made it better.

Style: Porter

Brewery: Maine Brewing Company

ABV: 7.5%

Method: Ping Glass kinds thing

Overall taste: Fantastic overall taste, really, top notch.  Some of the Beer Advocate reviews say it’s the best porter they’ve ever had….I’m not going that far but hot dam is it good.  TONS of coffee flavors here with that deep rich flavor that comes with a good porter kind of heavy on the hops but not too much.  Insert golf clap.

Recommended drinking location:  Pub, party or just hanging out

Ideal consumption amount:  Normally I’d say 2 but I love me some porter so let’s go with 3 knowing you’ll regret that decision in the morning…..

Similar Beers:  Ballast Point “Victory at Sea” is close, as is the Stone Smoked Porter especially the Vanilla Bean version.

With that, only a few more vacation beers left and here is the first “approving” meme….All Hail King Titus!


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