Putting the “ham” in Rockingham!

Last post of vacation beers…that’s right, it took me two weeks of blog posts to finally get though my vacation.  Damn it feels good to be a gangsta, that’s quality time away.  Anyway, the last two beers were drank outside over the charcoal BBQ with my buddy Don.  Don is like my beer soul mate (music too) but anyway….he came over to hang out and we sampled a few local brews.  One “bacon” stout and one IPA….needless to say, good times.  With that, here is my take on a few of the wonderful beers from Rockingham Brewing


Presentation: Like I said, drinking this beer in the hot sun while cooking burgers on the grill in the 603.  Beautiful night and a really cool bottle if you look closely at the image above.  Only issue, bacon stout is not really a “summer” beer….but we’re not that picky.  Beautiful motor oil color to this beer with some very subtle bacon odor.  This is a stout lovers stout.  BIG flavor and that really wonderful mix of “smoke” and “bacon” flavor aftertaste.

Style: Imperial Bacon Stout (yeah, that’s right. Bacon)

Brewery: Rockingham Brewing

ABV: 8.5%

Method: Toby Keith

Overall taste:  Pretty amazing.  I was scared to be honest but the bacon flavor was very subtle and came out really in the aftertaste more than anything.  Stouts in the summer sun are always a little risky but this one delivered.

Recommended drinking location: I think this would be ideal at a fall bbq or maybe a pig roast (har har).  All kidding aside, this is NOT a summer beer but in the fall or winter……it would be a dream.

Ideal consumption amount:  I’ll say one, with a meal…..I’m not sure anyone can handle 44oz of 8.5% bacon stout

Similar Beers: None that I’ve had, it’s pretty unique……and well worth it if you see it!


Presentation: Good looking beer.  Kind of a golden orange IPA, not super amber but very good looking with a decent head.  It’s definitely a “nano” brew if you will which means it’s a pretty small batch and quite tasty.

Style: American IPA

Brewery: Rockingham Brewing Company

ABV: 6.5% (honestly, a little low)  I prefer a little higher ABV, especially for this style but hey, that’s just me

Method: Toby Keith

Overall taste:

Recommended drinking location: Slight citrus, slight ping and a little hoppy but not one of those overall hop bombs.  I’m not sure what else is in here (malts?) to lighten the hops but all up this is a rock solid IPA.  Not world class Pliney stuff but good, hey, it’s 5pm kinda IPA

Ideal consumption amount: Two, maybe 3 if it’s a party but 22oz bombers can creep up on you

Similar Beers:  Pretty similar to a Lagunitas IPA and maybe even Racer 5…..moral of the story, it’s good stuff and very drinkable all in all, the Jesus approves


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