Fresh dank Cannabaceae flower

Ok, so here is the deal…fresh beer is the best so today we went out and during our adventure we made a pit stop at Altamont Beer Works in Livermore CA (hoping to get there next weekend too).   Two important tips in this blog.

First, Altamont has great beers (review below and hopefully more coming) but what cracked me up is apparently a lot of the beers are named after pot or things related to pot…only in California.  Of course, this got me researching and come to find out…sure enough, pot and hops are very similar as both come from the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants.  Who knew?  Certainly not me but some things in life just make so much more sense today.  Anyway….

Second…growlers are the best.  Everyones fresh beer and all you ever hear about now is “Enjoy by” or “Born on” or “Drink Fresh” blah blah blah.  BUT if this makes getting growlers more common than sign me up. A growler for those of you still coming up to speed is a 64oz container of beer which is basically the yuppie version of a 40oz except it’s filled with super fresh micro brews instead of braincell destroying malt liquor (I like both, don’t judge).  What I’m trying to say is, if you have a local brewery or beer shop that sells growlers pick one up, good times will be had by all!

Now onto the review!

Altamont Beer Works – Dank Row


Presentation: I got this around 2pm at the brewery and drank it at 5pm.  Freshtastic!  The tasting room is tiny and was packed which is always a good sign.  As I was deciding what kind of beer to get today I realized the cannabis connection with “Dank Row”, “Maui Waui”, “Ganja Juice” and “Woodstock West” on the docket.  Having already had the Hella Hoppy (prior to SoL) I decided to spice it up.  Really nice yellow/golden color to this beer with a very thin head.  Amazing smell too, it’s actually pretty dank which is funny if you’ve ever had a wiff of other dank Cannabaceae flowering plants

Style: American IPA

Brewery: Altamont Beer Works

ABV: 6.3%

Method: 64oz growler, filled at the brewery and poured into a proper IPA glass (fancy)

Overall taste:  Really nice subtle dank flavor (no joke).  This is not one of those IPAs that just punches you in the palate with hops.  It goes down really easy and if quite refreshing.  I had 2 of them with dinner of halibut and it was great.  Perfect for a meal.  I really wish I’d had this with pizza because I think it would be fantastic.  There is a little grassy kinda flavor at the end, nothing too crazy but again, dank is the perfect adjective.

Recommended drinking location:  Honestly, this beer should be drank at the brewery……the scene in there today made me sad to leave and drink it by the grill.  Don’t worry, I recovered.

Ideal consumption amount:  I had 2, probably could have had 2 if I wasn’t eating

Similar Beers:  Another tough one to compare but I’d compare it pretty well to the New Belgium Ranger which is pretty similar and when I moved to CA was pretty much my go to beer.

Final verdict?  SoL approved!


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