Enjoying the Sculpin and some Modern Romance

OK, so catching up a little bit on a few beers prior to vacation.  I’ve already gotten into a few Maui and Hawaii beers so LOTS of content coming.  Prior to leaving thought, I was able to knock back a few more to add to the blog.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….it’s hard to blog about all the beers you drink.  I’ve missed a few but not many….anyway, here we go!

Ballast Point – Sculpin


Presentation:  If you haven’t had a Sculpin, stop reading and go buy some beer.  Honestly, everything about this beer is just amazing.  The look, the smell, the taste, the logo….I mean, come on!

Style: American IPA

Brewery: Ballast Point

ABV: 7% JUST a tad low but so good

Method: In a proper IPA glass, from a can

Overall taste:  Sculpin is honestly one of the best beers I’ve had.  It’s in a lot of ways underrated.  Very rich, citrus flavor with the perfect amount of hops.  These things literally flow like water especially on a hot day from the proper IPA glass.  It’s got the perfect amount of sweetness with just a little tiny subtle piney flavor at the end.

Recommended drinking location:  Anywhere….honestly, you drink this anywhere you drink IPAs….

Ideal consumption amount:  I’m thinking you can easily get 6 down without losing your mind…..4 for sure, but let’s call it 6.

Similar Beers:  I put this one in the same class as Pliny and Heady Topper.  Some will disagree with me but I’ve done a Sculpin vs Pliny taste test and honestly……HONESTLY, I preferred the Sculpin.  I know, blasphemy…

Midnight Sun – Modern Romance


Presentation: Good looking beer, pours out dark and creamy.  Looks like a really good porter, Black Ale or maybe even a Double Brown Ale.  Pretty thin head on this one that’s a light tan(ish) color.  It’s an interesting beer as it’s got lots of suds and/or floaties in it so when you look at it you know it’s going to be full of taste.  Give it a smell, and you have no doubt.

Style: Belgian Strong Ale

Brewery: Midnight Sun

ABV: 9.3% Wheelhouse

Method: 24oz beer glass

Overall taste:  This one kind of explodes on you.  TONS of spicy chili and chocolate which you taste almost immediately.  When it’s first going down, it’s kind of like…yeah, this is good…and then you get to the aftertaste which just blows you away with heat.  It’s good, really good….but by about ounce 18 I had an itchy scalp and was sweating.

Recommended drinking location:  I had this outside and it was hot…bad call.  Drink this one in the fall.

Ideal consumption amount:  Definitely one, if you try more than one of these you’ll need a blue cheese chaser

Similar Beers:  I haven’t had anything like this.  Beer advocate compares it to a bunch of stuff I’ve had and it’s NOT like those….so, let’s call it unique.



Overall taste:

Recommended drinking location:  

Ideal consumption amount:  

Similar Beers:  


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