Beers of Hawaii Part 2… visit to the Maui Brewing Company


Second post from my trip to Maui….again, writing about beers is harder than I thought…but it’s fun.  Anyway, my lovely wife and daughter knew I’d want to go to the brewery so they took me.  REALLY cool space, tons of beers on tap (see photo below).  Knowing I had a 6 year old ticking timebomb…..I had to get down to business and get in a tasting.  So, I did a flight.  First, two things….here is the beer menu:


And here are the images of my tasting, most of these don’t show up on BA

wpid-20150819_113314.jpg wpid-20150819_113816.jpg

Hop Kine

Presentation: Really dark amber color, not really what I was expecting for a lager…especially and IPL but very pretty beer.

Style: American India Pale Lager

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 60

Method: 4oz flight glass

Overall taste:  Really good, I’ve become a huge fan of the IPL.  Not easy to find but done well it’s great.  Nice hoppy flavor, sufficient bitterness (60 IBU) but not overpowering like some IPA’s can be.

Recommended drinking location:  At the brewery…..

Ideal consumption amount:  Definitely more than a 4oz….I think 3-4 pints would be great

Similar Beers:  um….other IPLs?  I’ve only had a few so I’m useless here..

Vienna Waits for You

Presentation:  Nice light tan borderline amber color.  Pretty thick head too which was a nice surprise that really added to the overall appearance.

Style: Vienna Lager

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 30

Method: 4oz tasting glass

Overall taste: Nice taste, easy drinking really with the low ABV and low IBU.  If you check out other beers in this style you’ll see things like Dos Equis which gives you a good feel for it.  I found this quite refreshing and a big malty but not too malty….just right.  

Recommended drinking location:  again, must get this at the brewery

Ideal consumption amount:  You can drink this one all day long…

Similar Beers:  This if this as a foofy yuppie version of Negro Modelo and I love foofy yuppie

Father Damien

Presentation: Beautiful beer.  Deep dark brown color, no real head on it almost looks like a brown ale.

Style:Belgian Strong Dark Ale

ABV: 8.8%

IBU: 25

Method: 4oz tasting glass

Overall taste:  Very sweet tasting beer, kind of a malty caramel flavor.  Some subtle fruits mixed in there too but my palate was way off to tell you what it was (orange maybe?)

Recommended drinking location:  Brewery again…

Ideal consumption amount:  This was strong so you can’t really go nuts, 2-3 pints seem idea.

Similar Beers:  Ok, here is the highest of praise….this beer reminds me of Vertical Epic 12.12.12 by Stone Brewery which is one of my all time favorites.  I wish I could go back in time and cellar a case of it…..

Barefoot Brew

Presentation: Golden brown amber color, you can tell this is an amber brewed with honey…it just looks like that kind of a beer.  

Style: Amber Ale

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 25

Method: 4oz tasting glass

Overall taste:  Good taste, it’s very subtle especially the honey flavor.  It’s good, but after the Father Damien I was kind of underwhelmed (stupid palate) That being said, it’s a sweet tasting and easy flowing beer so if I saw this on tap….I’d get it, no questions asked.  Again, good solid beer.

Recommended drinking location:  yep, brewery only…

Ideal consumption amount:  Pretty low ABV so you can kind of go all long here…

Similar Beers:  I don’t really do many Ambers so I’m pretty useless but I’d call this a foofy yuppie version of Fat Tire which btw is a compliment in both directions….

Imperial Coconut Porter

Presentation: BOOM!  This beer just looks awesome!  Dark dark dark brown, almost black color with an amazing smell.  Seriously, you look at this and you KNOW it’s good.

Style: Imperial Porter

ABV: 9.4% (wheelhouse!)

IBU: 30

Method: 4oz tasting glass

Overall taste: Excellent!  The Imperial is MUCH better than the standard CoCoNut Porter you can get anywhere in Maui in the can.  Very rich, very deep malty/chocolate/coconut flavor from the first sip.  The high ABV gives it a really good kick…which is what you want in this kind of a porter.  Bravo I say, Bravo!

Recommended drinking location:  Brewpub again…sorry

Ideal consumption amount:  2-3 max, the high ABV makes it a braincell killer.  Thankfully you’ll only use 10% of them…..

Similar Beers:  I’ve seen it compared to Victory at Sea but it’s not nearly as “vanilla” or have a much of a coffee punch as that one.  Hard to say, probably compares pretty well to the Stone Smoked Porter with a little twist.


Presentation: A bit more of a pale yellow/golden color that what I typically drink with a very thin almost greasy head.  I was motivated by the Sweet Potato idea.  I mean, I like Sweet Potato Fries….I must like beer too right?

Style: Mild Pale Ale with Sweet Potato infusion

ABV: 6.3%

IBU: 34

Method: 4oz tasting glass

Overall taste:  Honestly, I don’t know if I was buzzed, drunk or just tired at this point but this one didn’t do it for me.  I’m not surprised honestly, typically I’m not a huge Pale Ale guy and I couldn’t taste the Sweet Potato that much.  

Recommended drinking location:  Skip it if you are at the brewery and try something else…lots of good stuff so no worries

Ideal consumption amount:  Flight to say you did it….

Similar Beers:  Pretty unique….

Until then, here’s the drinking more…


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