Take me to Orange Avenue

Ok, I’ve been a little slow on the blogs lately, too much busy.  Luckily, it’s had a revelation.  And here it is, I REALLY enjoyed my Maui Brewing Company blog…..but blogging about 6-10 beers in my current format all at the same time is crazy.  So, no more mega posts.  From now on, when I hit a brewery I’ll be doing abbreviated posts.

BUT that has nothing to do with normal posts like the one below.  I’m only a few behind so I’ll crank them out and you all can go enjoy the fruits of my beer consumption….

Coronado Brewing – Orange Avenue Wit


Presentation:  Full disclosure, I love the Coronado Brewing stuff.  LOVE it.  Not sure why, but I do.  This was a really pretty cloudy orange beer.  Nice smell too, the orange is a bit more upfront (probably because it’s a wit) but really nice.

Style: Witbeir

Brewery: Coronado Brewing Company

ABV: 5.2% (easy drinking)

IBU: 15 normally well below what I like but I think I’m really starting to get into wits and other beers that find their flavor in other ways

Method: 22oz glass

Overall taste:  Fantastic!!!  Again, I really like this brewery and find the beers very drinkable.  The flavor has a lot of orange with that classic kind of pale ale flavor of a wit.  There is a bunch of subtle undertones as well, maybe a little honey (?) which really brings out the flavor.

Recommended drinking location:  I ad this on a really hot end of summer day while grilling….perfect

Ideal consumption amount:  You could do two of these….easy, mine went down like candy

Similar Beers:  So, this isn’t a perfect comparison because it’s not one of my favorite beers but Allagash White is a good comparison.  Crisp, refreshing and easy to drink

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