Points Unknown IPA…..hell yeah!

Ok, another week, another beer blog.  You know I’m a total sucker for Stone.  Love it.  Think they are one of the, if not the best brewery around. Big, hoppy, creative and easy to find….#winning.  Anyway, this is a new specialty IPA they released, I was pretty excited about it…and it did not disappoint!  This is a collaboration between Stone, Ecliptic Brewing and Wicked Weed Brewing.  Typically, I find the Stone Collaborations to be pretty unique….sometimes amazing and sometimes confusing.  This one….very very good

Points Unknown IPA – Stone Brewery


Presentation:  Very nice looking beer.  Deep copper/orange color that was pretty cloudy (personally, I love a good cloudy IPA).  You can see in the picture a good solid 1″ foamy head on the pour.  I was grilling when I drank it and it just looked and smelled like the kind of beer you want while manning the grill.

Style: Imperial IPA

Brewery: Stone Brewery

ABV: 9.5% (wheel house!)

IBU: 72 (damn!)

Method: 22oz bomber glass

Overall taste:  Very unique and very  flavorful.  It’s aged in red wine and tequila barrels.  So when you first taste it, it’s a really good hoppy West Coast IPA…and then, you get the VERY subtle tequila flavor.  SO good.  I’ve had a few beers like this and they are tough but man when they are good….they are good.  Some other fruit and red wine flavors but I really enjoyed the tequila finish.

Recommended drinking location:  I feel like a broken record but I mean, I live in the Bay Area so I’m always outside….drink outside 🙂

Ideal consumption amount:  One.  Definitely one. Drink two of these and you’re like to go Frank the Tank

Similar Beers:  Pretty close to Dayglow IPA which is a pretty strong comparison.  

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