Oaktown Brown….California Love!

I’ve been drinking…just blogging so it’s a little catch up time.  This is one of my new favorites, doesn’t get a ton of press but is really easy to find.  And…it’s a shoutout to Oakland so that’s just kind of cool.

Oaktown Brown – Calicraft Brewwpid-20150927_165649.jpg

Presentation: Deep dark brown color, almost black.  It pours a really nice think foamy head too.  It almost looks like a stout it pours so dark/heavy….but it’s definitely not a stout.  I love the bottle too, not sure why…just looks cool.

Style: American Brown Ale (SoL favorite)

Brewery: Calicraft Brewing

ABV: 6.7% (a tad light but drinks very well)

IBU: 71 (which makes it a tad bitter for a brown, but it really works)

Method: 22oz bomber glass

Overall taste:  This is a brown ales, brown ale.  Deep dark chocolate favors and nice and malty.  It has a bit of a vanilla and almost piney kind of finish too it which is pretty unique and quite tasty.

Recommended drinking location:  Outdoors, in the fall, eating meat

Ideal consumption amount:  Two!

Similar Beers:  So, brown ales can be kind of similar depending on the brewery but this one reminds me of Moose Drool.  It’s not quite as good as my favorite, Brown Angel from Clown Shoes but it’s damn good.  I tend to have one in the fridge at all times….you never know when you might need a brown ale.

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