Lucky Saturday…Russian River delivery day! Redemption!!!

OK, so this is the best experience ever.  I go into my favor beer store here in San Jose (Cask and Flask).  It’s pretty sketchy but the beer selection is amazing…wife/daughter do not go w/ me again, see sketchy.   Anyway, I go in grab a bunch of stuff…as I’m checking out the owner says “Do you like sours?”  Me – “I like beer” Him- “We got our Russian River delivery today, would you like some”  Me – “Yes, one of everything”

So…no Pliney or Blind Pig but there is a roadtrip in my future but I did get a bunch of sours and a blonde ale.  I started w/ the blonde…..

Redemption Blonde Ale – Russian River Brewery


Presentation:  Really nice cloudy pale orange/yellow beer with kind of a slimy foamy head.  It pours really easy and was pretty light on the carbonation.  I’m finding that for me, carbonation is the key.  Less carbonation the better.  No fizzy beers.

Style: Belgian Pale Ale

Brewery: Russian River Brewing Company

ABV: 5.15

IBU: Unknown, but pretty low

Method: Tulip glass

Overall taste:  Good, I’m not a huge blonde/pale ale guy but I’m getting there.   Lots of fruity flavors and more carbonated than I thought (but I was still ok).  It’s one of those beers you drink it and you kind of say “Damn, I don’t know this style really well but it’s tasty”.  I couldn’t really identify the fruit flavors, some reviewers say banana and that might be it…..either way, this was a treat.  REALLY hard to find outside of the brewery and very much worth whatever the dude charged me.  Russian River fails to disappoint.

Recommended drinking location:  Drank this one by the grill (recurring theme) and sitting outside reading.  Perfect.

Ideal consumption amount:  So…ideally, you could drink these all day long but here is the deal.  They are really hard to find and pretty expensive in the scheme of things. So……….1 because let’s not be those people

Similar Beers:  Again, I’m not a huge Blonde/Belgian guy so hard to recommend.  Beer Advocate makes a ton of recommendations…..I can tell you one of the it’s not is Blue Moon so there….how’s that for advice 🙂

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