Continuing my journey through the Russian River beers I scored…good times.  This one is a sour, I’m not a huge sour fan but I have to say I’m getting there.  It’s interesting, beers have become like wine in a way.  People frown on “Merlot” drinkers…kind of like people frown on IPA.  Sours are the new Cabernet Sauvignon…you’re classy and sophisticated if you drink sours.  Trashy poser if you drink IPAs.  Well, luck for me I’m a trashy, sophisticated poser because I enjoy both…with that, let me review “Russian River Temptation” for you

Russian River Brewing – Temptation


Presentation: Really pretty yellow cloudy color to this one with a pretty think foam on the pour.  I actually had to slow down the pour to keep the foam down.  The thing here that really jumped out for me was the smell….this is fermented in chardonnay barrels and the smell just pops when you open it.  Fruity, vibrant…excellent

Style:  American Wild Ale (whatever the hell that is, it’s a sour)

Brewery: Russian River Brewery

ABV: 7.5%

IBU: 28

Method: From my tulip, it’s time to buy more of these….

Overall taste:  REALLY fruity.  You can taste the wine grape almost immediately when you sip this, it’s kind of crazy to be honest.  The taste is pretty heavy on grapes and apples (sour/tart apples not Red Delicious).  This beer was really drinkable, it just flowed…like really flowed.  The first tip was a wow and then it was just gone

Recommended drinking location:  I had this with dinner which was fantastic, I’d recommend this one with fish or some light dinner.  

Ideal consumption amount:  Really hard to find so I’d say you can only drink 1 of them but I mean, this is an all day beer

Similar Beers:  I’m a sour novice….but I promise to expand this area of development and make many more recommendations

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