Pipe wrench?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, lots of travel and things going on….but, thankfully still lots of drinking too.  This beer was one I just couldn’t resist.  Saw it in Whole Foods and very curious.  It’s a gin barrel aged beer….weird right?  Well, obviously, I had to try it.  It’s aged in Ransom “Old Tom Gin” barrels. With that:

Gigantic Brewing Company – Pipe wrench


Presentation: Really nice head on this, just look at the picture.  It was a cloudy orange color, almost an auburn brown orange.  Very cool.  

Style: American Double IPA

Brewery: Gigantic Brewing Company

ABV: 8%

IBU: 80

Method: From my 22oz bomber glass….

Overall taste: REAL citrus pop to this one.  The gin gives it a very unique lemon flavor.  Honestly on the first sip I was stunned at how good it tasted.  It’s almost got the aftertaste of a gin martini, very very good.  

Recommended drinking location:  Anywhere you’d drink an IPA

Ideal consumption amount:  Definitely 1

Similar Beers:  Lots of folks compare this to some of the other big IPAs like Pliney or Stone but I don’t really see it quite like that.  For me, it was more like some of the Dogfish Head Brews……maybe the 120.  Regardless good stuff.

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