Brewery Review – Pinthouse Pizza

Starting a new series here that I can hopefully turn into a regular as um….I love breweries.  When I went to Maui, I reviewed every beer I tasted at the Maui Brewing Company….cool right?  Sure, but a shit ton of work for me…and unless I drink myself into next month I can’t really blog on all the beers.  So, we’ll give this a try:

Pinthouse Pizza – Austin TX


The Scene:  Awesome scene really. Tons of picnic tables and a huge bar with a bunch of taps.  We were definitely on the older side of the crowd but hey, it’s Austin so the scene is a little on the young side but it was great.  It’s very clearly a brewery that serves pizza too as you can just smell the pizza when you walk in.  I also have to say, I LOVE the logo (see above) and I’m pissed I didn’t buy a t-shirt. Next time, for sure.

The Food: Fantastic pizza here.  We had the Pepperoni and Basil pizza which is pretty much exactly what you’d think…..super flavor and a perfect match for a flight (or two) of IPAs

The Beer:  The beers are what makes Pinthouse amazing.  Honestly, I’m not even sure how many beers were on tap.  I think it was around 20 brewed in-house and then another 10 guest beers.  Regardless, it was ridiculous.  I had a few different beers (see below) some of them “mainstays” like the “Man O’War” and then also the “Pilot 7” that was tapped at 11am the day we arrived….we got there at around 5pm.

They make a mean array of IPAs, lots of different kinds of hops and methods….really nice.  I really enjoyed the Man O’War, the Wet Hop and the Pilot 7.  The Firkin was a bit much for me but was still very good for the style.  Honestly, you can’t go wrong here.


Summary:This is really my kind of brewery.  Simple, good food and fantastic beer and a good vibe.  For those who know me, this is my kind of place.  I’ll rate it 5 Suds.  If you are ever in Austin, check it out and you’ll thank me.

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