Cascade Brewing – Blueberry Ale

Sorry for the slow postings, I’ve had a bit of a cold so I haven’t been drinking that much…weird right?  In my 20s (and 30s?) I used to subscribe to the theory of “Pollute my body so the virus can’t live” when I was sick, and it worked pretty well.  I hit 40 and boom, that does NOT work anymore.  I’m feeling better so the beers will start flowing again….

As you know (or not) I’m not a huge sour fan, still learning and getting myself into the groove on sours.  That said, I’m liking them.  A little different and honestly I can get sick of IPA all the time….and living in CA, it’s never really “stout” weather but I make do.

I’ve seen these Cascade beers around and they are pretty expensive..but I splurged.  I’m REALLY glad I did, this was a huge treat.

Cascade Brewing – Blueberry Ale


Presentation: Beautiful blueish color to this beer, really nice pour and it came with a pretty thin foamy head on it.  Lovely fruity smell too kind of bursts with blueberry and a bit of that Brett murky smell underneath the berries.  YUM!

Style: American Wild Ale 

Brewery: Cascade Brewing

ABV: 7.33%

IBU: Not sure, seemed to be around 25-30

Method: 22oz recycled wine bottle (Whiskey Tango)

Overall taste:  Awesome taste, really good.  Again, I’m not a huge sour guy but I’m coming around…fast.  Wonderful fruit flavor really explodes upon the first sip, it’s almost overpowering.  Overall the beer is quite tart but in a berry/beery kind of way.

Recommended drinking location:  Pretty good by a fire or at a picnic.  I drank it while watching TV and it was fine….but I think this is better done outside.

Ideal consumption amount:   Definitely one of these, it’s a 750ml and frankly it’s pretty expensive so you’ll break the bank if you start knocking them down.

Similar Beers:  Beer Advocate recommends the Russian River sours I’ve been drinking so………there you go!

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