Double down on Double Jack

Oh, let me tell you a story before I get into this beer.  We moved to CA almost 3 years ago (in June) but came out in April for a house hunting trip….at a birthday party, I was introduced to Double Jack.  Had never had anything from Firestone Walker, just knew I liked Double IPAs.  I pounded 5 of them, realized they are REALLY good and REALLY strong….and well, the rest is Suds of Liberty history.  This is one of my all time favorite IPAs and something I drink quite frequently…..just now getting to blogging about it.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company – Double Jack


Presentation:  Really beautiful color to this beer, its a light amber color almost like maple syrup or honey…very nice with a pretty flat white foamy head to it which leaves a little behind on the glass.  Smell is amazing, almost immediately you get hit with a hop explosion that just punches you in the nose.  Sweet glorious hops….

Style: American Double IPA (SoL favorite!)

Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing Company

ABV: 9.5% (wheelhouse!)

IBU: 85 (excellent!)

Method: 24 oz bomber glass

Overall taste:  BOOM is all I can say on this one.  Fantastic hoppy taste and if you like IPAs you’ll love this one.  I personally consider this to be one of the 5 best IPAs I’ve had to date, you can guess the rest.   It’s got a big piney/citrus taste right out of the the shoot but it’s not overpowering and not too much citrus which can overwhelm the rest of the flavor.  It’s also very light, you’d think the ABV was closer to 7% as it’s very easy to drink….hence me getting hammered on them first time I had the Double Jack.  Bravo!

Recommended drinking location:  In the words of Roger Daltrey “anywhere, anytime, anywhere…”

Ideal consumption amount:  I’d say one of the 22oz is good, more than that and you’re looking to blow out your taste buds and probably end up really drunk….not that there is anything wrong with that….

Similar Beers:  So for me, it’s in this class Pliny, Heady, Sculpin and even close to Stone’s Ruination although it’s got a lower IBU



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