A little sip of sunshine

Quick update on this beer before the review.  This was part of an AMAZING run of gift beers I’ve been on….this, Heady, and 4 Bourbon Country in the last few weeks.  The only thing better than beer?  Friends.  With that….another special treat from Vermont.

Lawson’s Finest Liquids – Sip of Sunshine


Presentation: Wow!  Just wow!  This beer looks like an amazing IPA right out of the can.  Ridiculous, it’s so orange it’s almost orange juice.   Just a beautiful IPA, I mean, I know I’m kind of a dork with this stuff but damn.

Style: American IPA

Brewery: Lawson’s Finest Liquids

ABV: 8% – Right at the low end of the wheelhouse and a perfect amount of booze.

IBU: 75 (pretty much what you’d expect, and not quite a DIPA)

Method: IPA glass……duh

Overall taste:  HUGE citrus taste almost immediately that jives with the look of the beer.  In this case, looks are not deceiving.    You almost expect this to have orange pulp in it due to the huge citrus but it does not (probably a good thing).  The 75 IBU is perfect at 8% so you really just rip this one back.  Honestly, it might be the smoothest tasting IPA I’ve had…

Recommended drinking location:  Anywhere you can, for me this was a rare treat in CA….if you find it, but it all and drink damn it.

Ideal consumption amount:  Again, smoke’em if you got it…..drink as much of this as you can if you find it.

Similar Beers:  This is absolutely in the Pliny, Heady and Sculpin class for me….if not a little better to be honest.


One thought on “A little sip of sunshine

  1. Great review of one of my top 3 beers of all time! Look forward to trading craft beer stories with you live and electronically in 2016.


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