Must Kuld…..Estonian Beer!! YES!

Extra special review this time around….from Estonia!  This beer was a gift from my friend Tyler, given to him from some friends at the Pohjala Brewery.   Really excited to have this, especially the Must Kuld as I’m a big fan of Porters and it seemed like a perfect pre-Christmas dinner beer.

Really cool bottle, simple yet elegant….I loved the simplicity of the bottle and the fact that the English name for this is “Black Gold”…so true.  Ok, on to the review!

Must Kuld – Pohjala Brewery


Presentation:  Pours a really beautiful beer, honestly, it’s very silky and had a tan foamy head on it that is typical for a Porter.  The color is a deep jet back, and when you pour it you get a pretty good nose for the malts with some honey/chocolate tones in there as well.  Very well roasted malts. Yum.

Style: American Porter

Brewery: Pohjala Brewery

ABV: 7.8%, almost perfect…I think a little more ABV would have overwhelmed the taste but I’m never one to complain.

IBU: 45 again, just right

Method: Proper pint glass

Overall taste:  Excellent taste, really nice.  The malts really pop nicely and give you a deep chocolate flavor that mellows out as you drink it.  The website describes it as “white chocolate”, I didn’t get that but I did have the chocolate flavor that was very silky and enjoyable.  I pretty much pounded this after the first sip, definitely one of those beers that flows very easily.

Recommended drinking location:  More of a cold weather beer in my opinion (it’s a Porter…) so I wouldn’t drink this on the beach but it a pub or on my couch? Hell yes!

Ideal consumption amount:  As many as you can handle, the 7.8% makes this very drinkable so you can just keep them going.  I only had one but several more would have been good too 🙂

Similar Beers:  For me, this compares very well to Deschutes Black Butte which is a fantastic porter.  Obviously hard to come by this beer but I’m going to have to figure out how to get more because it was very good…and I’m curious as to the rest of their line.



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