Ok, recurring theme lately….more barrel aged beer for me.  It’s kind of that time of the year really, a little chilly (well, CA chilly…) but this is the kind of beer I enjoy when the weather is a little cold.  High ABV and a nice hearty taste…..perfect.

Eclipse Brewing Company – BART


Presentation: Just look at that picture….I mean, beautiful.  The oak barrel really pops when you open this and gives a nice deep bourbon smell.  It’s hard to get a real feel for this from the smell or photo as it looks like a stout but it’s a nice strong ale that is turned dark viscous from the barrel.

Style:  American Strong Ale – Barrel Aged

Brewery: Fifty Fifty Brewing Company

ABV: 12% (Call Kenny Loggins!)

IBU: 60 (not too hoppy but really nice…)

Method: Tulip glass

Overall taste:  If you like barrel aged beers, specifically not stouts you’ll love this one.  You get pretty solid honey flavor and it’s very viscous almost oily to drink…yum.  The 60 IBU is just enough hop to give this a little bite but not so much it’s overwhelming.  Subtle vanilla and bourbon flavors give it a bit of umph…which is nice because it’s pretty boozy.

Recommended drinking location:  I drank this one watching football…..and eating pizza.  #Merica

Ideal consumption amount:  One, definitely one.  Like I said, boozy….

Similar Beers:  Pretty similar to the Oaked Arrogant Bastard…which is very good company.


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