Urban Farmhouse!

Well….I suck.  I haven’t blogged in ages, now, I’ve drank…oh yes I’ve drank.  But I haven’t written a blog in ages.  Thankfully, I do a really good job taking pictures (usually) and sending myself a few notes so I don’t “lose” everything.

Pretty special beer here as it’s the first beer of my new “Beer Club” that I’ve joined.  The local Whole Foods has a club and they select some special beers…#awesome.  So, my plan is to not only drink these (duh) but also to share the info they send me as well as my thoughts.  With that:

The Commons Brewery – Urban Farmhouse


Presentation: Absolutely beautiful beer, really it’s almost got a champagne color to it.  Poured very nicely with a good foam that was very light and crisp.   The smell was ridiculous with tons of floral and citrus tones.

Style:  Farmhouse Ale

Brewery: The Commons Brewery

ABV: 5.3% (easy drinking)

IBU: ~30 much more sweet than bitter

Method: 24oz bomber glass

Overall taste:  This was a wonderful beer.  I’m not really a huge farmhouse guy but damn this was good.  I mentioned above it was almost like a champagne, it was even a little dry.  Very light and floral with just enough citrus to keep the IBU low with just a shade of bitterness at the end.

Recommended drinking location:  This for me, is an outside beer by definition.  I drank this while on the BBQ…only problem with it really was that I pounded it…woops

Ideal consumption amount:  Probably two of these would be the most you could do…not because of the ABV but because it will just fill you up.

Similar Beers:  Dead ringer for Goose Island Sofie, but even a little bit better in my mind (high praise) as the Urban Farmhouse just tasted fresher and more “farm to table” if you will



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