Pipe wrench?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, lots of travel and things going on….but, thankfully still lots of drinking too.  This beer was one I just couldn’t resist.  Saw it in Whole Foods and very curious.  It’s a gin barrel aged beer….weird right?  Well, obviously, I had to try it.  It’s aged in Ransom “Old Tom Gin” barrels. With that: Gigantic Brewing Company – Pipe … Continue reading Pipe wrench?

Don’t forget your classy college days….

No “review” on this one, just a commentary.  Remember in college when having a “Black and Tan” was classy?  Trying to be cool and classy, more sophisticated than having 15 Natty Lights?  Yeah, well…..I was out for dinner tonight and decided “I’m classy” and ordered one.  It was just as good as I remember it 🙂  Some things never change. Continue reading Don’t forget your classy college days….


Continuing my journey through the Russian River beers I scored…good times.  This one is a sour, I’m not a huge sour fan but I have to say I’m getting there.  It’s interesting, beers have become like wine in a way.  People frown on “Merlot” drinkers…kind of like people frown on IPA.  Sours are the new Cabernet Sauvignon…you’re classy and sophisticated if you drink sours.  Trashy … Continue reading Temptation!

Lucky Saturday…Russian River delivery day! Redemption!!!

OK, so this is the best experience ever.  I go into my favor beer store here in San Jose (Cask and Flask).  It’s pretty sketchy but the beer selection is amazing…wife/daughter do not go w/ me again, see sketchy.   Anyway, I go in grab a bunch of stuff…as I’m checking out the owner says “Do you like sours?”  Me – “I like beer” Him- … Continue reading Lucky Saturday…Russian River delivery day! Redemption!!!

Oaktown Brown….California Love!

I’ve been drinking…just blogging so it’s a little catch up time.  This is one of my new favorites, doesn’t get a ton of press but is really easy to find.  And…it’s a shoutout to Oakland so that’s just kind of cool. Oaktown Brown – Calicraft Brew Presentation: Deep dark brown color, almost black.  It pours a really nice think foamy head too.  It almost looks … Continue reading Oaktown Brown….California Love!

Points Unknown IPA…..hell yeah!

Ok, another week, another beer blog.  You know I’m a total sucker for Stone.  Love it.  Think they are one of the, if not the best brewery around. Big, hoppy, creative and easy to find….#winning.  Anyway, this is a new specialty IPA they released, I was pretty excited about it…and it did not disappoint!  This is a collaboration between Stone, Ecliptic Brewing and Wicked Weed … Continue reading Points Unknown IPA…..hell yeah!